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Swarkestone Syndicate is like any other fishery; we aim to provide anglers a large degree of freedom to the manner that they fish and do not want to restrict people to such an extent that your fishing is spoilt by excessive rules. The rules below are required to ensure maintain the environment of the fishery, fish safety, consideration for others and to comply with the terms of our lease.

Please See our Carp Rules Below.

Carp Rules

  • Valid Environment Agency licence needed for all rods used
  • No fishing from the bank in the designated ‘Out of Bounds’ area
  • No abusive or inappropriate comments to be made to members of the sailing club
  • Flags to be put up on swim when fishing
  • All gates must be closed and locked at all times including the field gate
  • Parking in designated areas only and no driving or parking on the grass when wet
  • No inflatable boats
  • No fires
  • All litter and dog mess to be taken home
  • All fish to be returned to the water
  • No fishing near or past bouys
  • Maximum of four rods
  • Syndicate members will only be able to occupy a swim for a maximum of 4 nights and will be expected to move to an alternative swim if they wish to continue fishing
  • Bivvy’s should not be left on the bank when the owner has left the water for significant amount of time e.g. going to work and holding a swim
  • Bait boats may be used with consideration for other water users and not used when sailing boats are on the water
  • Mono mainline should be 0.40 diameter
  • Mono leaders of 0.6 thickness or more with a minimum length of 40 yards to be used when fishing swims 1 to 7, 15 to 18 and 35 to 38. See swim plan at the foot of this page for swim names and numbers.
  • Drop off lead systems to be used for all rigs
  • Specimen nets to be used at all times
  • Unhooking mats to be used at all times
  • Rig checks will be carried out to insure safety and strength
  • All snagged fish and crack offs should be immediately be reported
  • The pit can become weedy at times, so please fish sensibly in these conditions
  • All captures need to be reported to Richard Beale or Darren Robinson